Over the years, home designs have evolved significantly and more emphasis has been placed on more elaborate roof systems.  The trend has made the roof in many ways, the focal point of most homes.

In keeping pace with this trend, design and layout computer programs have evolved are an important tool in meeting with this demand.  Our team is ready and able to tackle any such challenge to ensure the integrity and results that answer to the home owner’ expectations while keeping in mind the builders needs for ease of field assembly.

Trusses are available in many different forms and sizes.  They are designed mainly to support roof loads from accumulation of snow, rain and wind and in certain cases the weight of second storey floors. All components are designed to meet or exceed local Building Codes.

We take pride in our quality control program which starts from wood selection to precision cutting on computerized saws.  The fabrication shop follows strict guidelines in order to produce a high quality product, which has become expected from our customers.

A sample of typical truss configuration can be viewed on our link to the TPIC (Truss Plate Institute of Canada.

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